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Firewood Farms & Custom Wood Carvings Here you can find a creative blend of fine carvings and quality fire wood. Each carving is hand crafted to produce a one of a kind look.
Phone:   650-726-1702
Address: 551 San Mateo Rd. (HWY 92)
City:      Half Moon Bay
ST:        CA
Zip:        94019
Fox Hollow Carving Proudly offering the finest chainsaw carvings of bears, eagles, & many more as well as rustic log furniture, hand carved solid wood doors & moldings, one of a kind carved signs for your home or business.  We have an entire collection of what we love to call the "Legend of the Bear & the Ancient Sand" series, where we place a glass sphere onto a specially created bear carving and attach a copy of the" Legend of the Ancient Sand".
City:     Fox Hollow
ST:       PA
GeorgiaCarver; LLC South Georgia Artist - Greg Phillips; Chainsaw carving, Wood carving various styles and types of wood including cypress knees, cottonwood bark and chainsaw carving
Phone:   229-388-0458
Name:    Greg Phillips
Address: 143 Sand Creek Road
City:      Tifton
St:        GA
Zip:       31793
Get A-Head Carvings we have over 10 years of satisfied customers.  We offer unique chainsaw carvings and hand carved doors directly from our studio or at the shows we exhibit at. Our key carvings are whimsical characters, bears and carved furniture.
Phone:  705-799-5597
Address: 180 Esker Rd.
City:     Omemee
Zip:      K0L-2W0
Great Northern Chainsaw Carving Company is a business specializing in chainsaw art and sculpture.  We design and create custom chainsaw carvings, big, little, and anything in-between chainsaw carvings.
Phone: 406-885-3729
City:   Kalispell
ST:     MT
Zip:    59901
Goldriver Chainsaw Carvings of animals, birds, nativity scenes, oversized shoes and figures.
City:   Gold River B.C.
Jerry Ward Many times  artists are criticized for having too diverse a body of work;  but I believe in the old adage "Variety is the Spice of Life".  I  feel this concept to be essential to an individuals growth;  for without constant exposure to new experiences we become stagnant.
Phone:   269-623-6606
Address: PO Box 525
City:       Delton
ST:         MI
Jim Menken Carving Jim is a chainsaw artist and sculptor bringing new life to old trees in Southern Ontario. He specializes in wildlife and full size people but can carve anything! Visit the web site to check out his portfolio of work.
Phone:  519 925 9656
Name:   Jim Menken
Address: 426164 25th Sideroad
City:    Orangeville
ST:      Ontario
Zip:      L9W 2Z1
Joe Bolf Wood Sculpture has been sculpting wood since 1972. In 1974 he located on Moosehead Lake in Maine. His work has been featured in several magazines and on a number of T.V. programs. Joe works with knives, chisels and chainsaws.
First:   Joe
Last:    Bolf
City:    Greenville
ST:      ME
Zip:     04441
John Roberts Chainsaw Woodcarvings has been carving for over 20 years and his carvings are displayed in numerous buildings, offices, and private residences.
Phone: 541-882-6177
First:   John
Last:   Roberts
Address: 2837 Altamont Drive
City:    Klamath Falls
ST:     OR
Zip:     97603


Rustic decor family of online directories

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Rustic decor family of online directories

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Member of the rustic family of directories

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