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Safety First - because the saw always wins!
Chainsaws - where to buy them and what to look for.


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Chainsaws (Gas or Electric)

Safety First!  The picture below is hilarious - unless you are the poor fellow standing in the truck bed, or have experienced an accident with a chainsaw.  If you ever had a bad experience with a chainsaw - you lost, the chain saw always wins.  Chainsaw safety cannot be stressed enough. 

How NOT to use a chainsaw!!!  Compliments of -  click to visit their site.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

North Dakota State University provides safety tips.  There is probably no other power tool that is potentially as dangerous to operate as a chainsaw, but it doesn't have to be that way. Employing standard safety precautions removes most of the danger. 

It is when we get careless or tired that accidents happen.

Speaking of chainsaw accidents... on a personal note, the worst accident I have experienced with a chainsaw was when the saw was not running and sitting out of the way.  I wasn't carving anything on that particular day - I was cutting firewood - lots of firewood.  I was done for the day and had the bed of my Dodge truck overloaded with fresh logs.  The saw was sitting on top of some logs and I reached over it to adjust some wood.  My bare arm came into contact with the red-hot muffler of the saw and I immediately received a semi-permanent burn in the exact shape of the round muffler, including holes and manufacturer's stamp. 

It had been a long day and I was tired.  Fatigue dulls our awareness and although we can be on high alert when using such a power tool, it is easy to relax when the engine is turned off.  The lesson is obvious.

Rustic decor family of online directories

Decision to be made

Will you be cutting firewood and be away from home in the forest, or carving a bear in your garage?  Here's some points to consider when deciding on the proper chainsaw.

The most important step in operating a chain saw is to choose a saw that fits your requirements.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut a large log using a small chainsaw bar.  Ideally you will want to choose a saw that is well balanced and equipped with modern safety features that include...

  • Front and rear hand guards
  • Chain brake (gas models)
  • Stop switch
  • Throttle trigger lockout
  • Rear hand guard
  • Chain catcher
  • Spark arrester

The links below provide some excellent starting points in selecting a chainsaw that is right for your application.


McCulloch 14" Bar, 36cc 2-cycle Gas  Chain Saw

- 1-year limited warranty
- 14" gas saw; 36cc, 2-cycle engine
- Electronic ignition for reliable starts
- Automatic oilier for consistent lubrication
- Chain brake/hand guard

McCulloch MS1436NAV 36cc 2-cycle Gas

Makita 20" Bar, 64cc Gasoline Chain Saw

- Double air filtration
- Rugged Cast cylinder
- Easy maintenance
- Low noise operation
- Efficient Cold Weather Operation

Makita DCS6401-20 20" 64cc Gas


Makita 16" Bar, Electric Chain Saw

- Double insulated
- Powerful inline motor with direct drive
- Automatic oilier for steady bar oiling
- Large trigger for operation with gloves
- Ergonomically designed

Makita UC4000 16" Electric

Canadian Home Workshop magazine

Great article about choosing the right chainsaw, it reads... Whether your house is in the city or country, most of us live near more trees than we realize. And as beautiful and essential as trees are, they do get in the way when they go horizontal. As weather becomes unpredictable, the ability to cut yourself out of a mess of branches becomes more important.  I'm certainly not suggesting that chainsaws are for everyone. They're not. .....there's some key information you need to understand to choose well. And the first has to do with engine size. Read entire article...

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Member of the rustic family of directories

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