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Is the art of chainsaw carving new to you?

To the uninitiated, discovering the art of chainsaw carving is a weird and wonderful thrill.  People will stare with their mouth's open and say things like, "I didn't know you could do that", or "wow, that's really unique"... Agreed, it is a unique art form and the craft has been gaining in popularity in recent years. If you are new to this art genre, these short videos will show you how its done.  Enjoy!


The 'buzz' will be in Ridgeway, PA!

Chainsaw Carver's RendezvousEach February for the past few years, hundreds of professional chainsaw carvers from all over the world come together to showcase their talent and share with the public this visually extreme art form in Ridgway Pennsylvania. The annual Chainsaw Carver's Rendezvous will be held Saturday Feb 23, & Sunday Feb 24 2009. It all kicks off on Saturday at 9am with the flag raising ceremony followed by a meet and greet with the arriving carvers. This first weekend is the beginning of this amazing event, with carvers carving throughout each day, till approximately 5pm.  Learn more about the "Chainsaw Carver's Rendezvous"

The eye of the beholder...

They say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  We know this to be true (just ask anyone who has ever seen an Isamu Noguchi modern art sculpture).  However... "Chainsaw art defies the observer"

Directory of chainsaw artists, craftsman and sculptors

Carving by Don Etue, three time Washington State Champion chainsaw artist.It is truly remarkable to watch a sculptor guide a chisel through wood with a steady hand.  ...but it is an awe inspiring experience to see an image emerge from a log or trunk of a tree.  It is a prodigious feat to wield a motorized tool and remove wood that reveals such beauty. Chainsaw art carvings, like all wood crafts, runs the gamut from crude images to highly refined and detailed sculptures. Beauty and the appreciation of all art, is after all, in the eye of the beholder.

This directory is an alphabetical listing of chainsaw carving artists who sculpt art from trees; chain saw art wood carvings from U.S. and Canadian artists and companies.  Most of these carvers will ship their products out of their area.  So browse our listings and find that special chainsaw carving you've been searching for!

Serious art

Any artistic creation, whether it be paint on a canvas, or a life-sized carving of a grizzly liberated from a tree stump - makes most of us mortals give pause.

Artists differ in their mediums of choice, but the results are universal.  A finished piece is admired and used to accentuate or compliment our surroundings.  Although chainsaw art is generally associated with rustic decor, its popularity has been crossing those boundaries and it is now found in museums and homes and offices across the country.  Recognizing the artist's talent and their ability to reach deep inside us and generate feelings of awe and appreciation is part of what makes art - art.  No one does this better than an sculptor wielding a motorized chain saw.

In this directory you have access to chainsaw artists and companies in the United States and Canada.  To begin browsing our list...

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What can you have carved with a chainsaw?

Most chainsaw carving artists will accept custom wood carving commissions for almost any log sculpture you can envision. You can hire many carvers to do on-site stump carving, create custom signs and logos, or perform demonstrations for community celebrations and fairs.  Chain saw carving is environmentally friendly entertainment with a whole bunch of art appreciation included as an added bonus!  So what can you have carved?

Animals: from "Smokey the Bear" to grizzly bears, moose, deer, elk, eagles and hawks, fish, birds, raccoons, foxes, owls, turkeys, buffalos, rabbits, beavers, your family dog or cat or howling wolves.

People: Native American Indians and totem poles to cowboys, sea captains and school mascots to Tiki carvings.

Furniture: Carved log furniture from chairs and benches to tables, fireplace mantels, mailboxes and virtually anything else that can be squeeze inside the diameter of a tree stump!

Attention carvers...

If you are looking for industry groups and organizations, see our new listing of trade related organizations.  Great resources for those searching for chainsaw carvings, tools, supplies and artists!

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Got chainsaw?

Chainsaws - what you want to know What you need to know to use and shop for the right chainsaw. Whether you want to sculpt a form or just cut firewood, see our chainsaw recommendations...

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