Investing in cutting machines

The short answer is yes, it is definitely worth investing in these types of machines if you want to make your life easier. I found out about these machines when I was looking online for a quality pair of scissors for easier cuts. Turns out a ton of people stumbled upon the problem of perfect cuts in the crafting world and they came up with machines that do it faster and better than you can by hand.

I think that besides the hassle that it saves you from, a cutting machine also saves you a lot of time. Considering your time to be valuable the money you invest in these machines ends up to be a very smart move. I, for instance, can work now on the designs more than stay for hours cutting the materials for my crafts. Not to say that most of the time I couldn’t even do it at the quality these machines can. Also if you are new to the crafting world, you don’t have to master your skills of cutting with scissors anymore.

What to look for when buying a cutting machine?

This is a legitimate question considering there are relatively few brands on the market covering this area of paper and vinyl cutting. Since these are pretty complex machines, I think the most important things to look for before buying one machine or another are:

  1. Value for the money
  2. Brand
  3. Compatibility with your devices
  4. Ease of use
  5. Types of materials it can cut
  6. Quality of construction and materials

The brands that I consider they fulfill most of these points are Silhouette and Cricut. If you are unsure which one would be the perfect for you, check out this article on the best vinyl cutting machine which reviews multiple models so you can pick the one you prefer.

Other reasons that made me invest in cutting machines

One reason why I did that is because I wanted to get rid of scissors. Scissors fail pretty fast when you are an avid user and the blades get blunt very fast. With a cutting machine I only replace the blades and in one or two minutes I am ready to go.

Another reason is represented by the waste. You are way more efficient with one of these machines, and the costs end up to be smaller since you don’t throw away large amounts of materials.

In correlation with the previous argument, you also work in a cleaner manner and you don’t have to clean up your working table after every small cut and stuff like that.

Why bother buying one when I can cut the materials by hand?

You simply can’t imagine how easy and convenient it is to use a cutting machine for vinyl or other materials instead of doing it by hand. First of all, it is much faster so you will be much freer to design other stuff and use your creativity somewhere else.

If you are still not convinced you should take a look at this video:

Overall I think there are enough reasons for using cutting machines for your crafts both financially and in terms of convenience. So I highly recommend them if you don’t own one already.