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Chainsaw Organizations

As with most industries, there are a number of associations, guilds and clubs that cater to the trade.  Those organizations that are of service to the chainsaw carving craft are listed below.

Calling all carvers... Explore our Index and have a learning experience in the chainsaw carving world. We are here to share, promote, preserve, teach and upgrade the art of Chainsaw Sculpting, and to be of service to those who carve, those who wish to carve, and the community. We also provides Chainsaw Sculptors Galleries for Cascade Chainsaw Sculptors Guild and United Chainsaw Carvers Guild members without a Website. We are open to all Chainsaw Sculptors, even if they have a site of their own or are members or not of UCCG or CCSG . Members can promote their Sculptures for sale or show. Step by Step chainsaw carving instructions and totem pole information for chainsaw sculpting. Members can register free for any of our other available benefits. We have Arts & Crafts Galleries for members. Membership is free but any donations are welcome to keep this site open. Each member wishing a Chainsaw Sculpture or Arts & Craft Gallery will get their own Gallery Page.
Phone:  906-265-9599
Address: 243 North Hill Road
City:    Iron River
ST:      MI
Zip:     49935

We also offer members a free Storefront to sell new and used tools in the Country Outpost. In your Gallery you will be able to list your name, e-email, phone number, address, price of your item or any information you feel you want to sell sculptures. Contact or e-mail your pictures to  this address  - Please state your Gallery Name in the e-mail.

Rustic decor family of online directories

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Chainsaws - what you want to know What you need to know to use and shop for the right chainsaw.  See our chainsaw recommendations...

Rustic decor family of online directories

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The Chainsaw Art Directory is part of the family of Rustic Directories, the most complete indexes of crafters, builders, manufacturers and retailers of rustic furnishings online (or off). 

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Member of the rustic family of directories

Rustic Furniture and Decor Directory Family

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Member of the rustic family of directories

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