The Best Table Saw Fences of 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

What is the best table saw fence? And do you really need it while doing woodworking errands?

Aside from having a good table saw, a serious woodworker will need the help of a table saw fence. This is an accessory that can dictate the output of your work. Even a low-quality table saw can turn into a fine piece of machinery as long as you have a great table saw fence with you! It may not turn your table saw into an aggressive cutter, but it can certainly increase its ability to make perfect cuts! Moreover, it can also enhance the repeatability of your cuts, and the overall performance.

The Best Table Saw Fences Comparision

Vega PRO 5077.2 inches x 11.9 inches x 4.1 inches49.5 pounds4.4/5
Incra WF/ULTRA24.2 inches x 12.4 inches x 45 inches11.3 pounds4.6/5
Wixey WR70034 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches5.1 pounds4.3/5

Our Table Saw Fence Reviews

The goal of this page is to give you an idea of the best table saw fences on the market today. This is done through individual product reviews, whereafter we rank the top 5 products. Below our reviews you will find our buying guide. Our buying guide contains crucial information and advice that will help you make the buying decision.

#1 Vega PRO 50 – Our Top Pick

You will certainly love the performance of the Vega PRO 50 when it comes to the precision of your cuts. It has the useful features that can serve you thoroughly, regardless of the difficulty of the project you are dealing with. Moreover, many professionals love the Vega PRO 50 because it is one of the best table saw fences for the money. Because with this saw you are getting so much value for what you are paying.


Some of the best features of the Vega PRO 50 is its sturdiness and durability. Therefore, you can expect that this tool can withstand even the requirements of the most serious woodworkers out there! This fence is designed for 10 – 12 inch table saw models. In short, this fence will add cutting of thick and heavy workpieces.

The Vega PRO 50 has a 50-inch rip capacity when you position the blade to the right. When it is on the left, this fence can give you a 10-inch rip capacity.

Moreover, the Vega PRO 50 is also compatible with cabinet table saws and contractor saws. It is extremely easy to install. In fact, among all the fences we reviewed, this one is the easiest to setup. It requires no drilling because it includes integrated bolt holes. This accessory has tapped and pre-drilled holes that can fit any type of saw. It also has a slotted front bracket that allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment. Moreover, it also includes jacking plates to aid the leveling of the fence rails.

This table saw fence also comes with a 6005-t6 aluminum head. It has a contoured and polished chrome front rail that helps with the reduction of side play during adjustments. Moreover, the integration of the aluminum head and polished chrome tube gives the fence an ideal bearing surface. Therefore, the friction lessens and the lifespan of the fence extends.


Product weight49.5 pounds
Overall dimension77.2 inches x 11.9 inches x 4.1 inches

#2 Incra WF/ULTRA

If you are looking for an ideal table saw fence, then the Incra WF/ULTRA is also an option. This table saw fence has automatic positioning control, which is not present on its competing brands. Most of the fences today are dependent on tape measures to get the right measure. Therefore, many assume that a good fence requires a long setup and series of trial and errors. Well, not for this one.

The Incra WF/ULTRA efficiently eradicates the tedious requirements for installing a fence. This is due to its patented lead screw technology. This innovation allows you to position your work automatically and instantly. Moreover, if you want to make repetitive cuts, then this technology allows you to original position within less than five seconds! Take note; it does not even commit minimal errors!

Moreover, any woodworkers will love the sturdy and stable performance of this table saw accessory. This is due to the combination of a central carriage and side mounting clamping system, which enables the entire unit to form a solid block of aluminum and steel. With this, you can expect that this fence can perform on hard applications.

Furthermore, the patented screw positioning system of this fence allows improves its accuracy in adjustments. Specifically, it can do +/- .002 inch at 1/32 inch increments, which is extremely necessary for precise cutting. This feature of Incra WF/ULTRA helps the entire table saw to make perfect cuts, regardless of the application. Moreover, it also got a micro-adjust knob that rotates the lead screw to the mating threads. This motion allows the fence to eliminate errors in making micro adjustments, which is usual to conventional fences.


Product weight11.3 pounds
Overall dimension24.2 inches x 12.4 inches x 45 inches

#3 Wixey WR700 – Best For The Money

If you want a table saw fence that has a touch of technology, you should opt for the Wixey WR700. This saw fence can fit most commercial types of table saws because of high-end design. Specifically, it is compatible to table saws from DeWalt, Vega, and Powermatic. Therefore, you can ensure that this fence is versatile and can tackle different cutting jobs.

The Wixey WR700 uses a magnetic attachment. This innovative component allows you to take out and change the rip fence as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can do this without fearing that you will lose calibration.

The readout feature of this table displays the precise measurement within millimeters. Therefore, making precise increments is an easy job for this fence. You can also mount this readout either on the left or right side of the table saw fence. The magnetic attachment enables you to remove the fence without losing any calibration.

Installing the Wixey WR700 is easy. This is due to its integrated mounting brackets that allow you to install this fence easily and quickly. It also comes with a complete set of drill bits and four self-tapping screws so that you can mount your measuring track sturdily and bottom of the fence. Meanwhile, you will also love the ease of calibrating of this fence. Just move the fence so that it can contact the blade. Afterwards, just press the calibration button of the readout!

However, you should know that the accuracy of this fence is not consistent. You may need to check the readout from time to time so that you can be sure that the measurements are always precise. Moreover, you should do this if you are doing extensive projects. Aside from this, this table saw fence can perform impeccably!


Product weight5.1 pounds
Overall dimension34 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Table Saw Fence Buying Guide

There are certain considerations that you should take before buying a new fence for your table saw. If you want to know what is the best table saw fence, then you should know the key factors of choosing first. In this way, you can get a table saw fence that could benefit your workshop greatly!

We all know that a table saw cannot position itself correctly for straightness and squareness without a good fence. They act as a guide so that you can get the ideal dimensional accuracy you want in your cuts.

Table Saw Fence Essentials

When you buy your table saw, you might get the opportunity to choose your rip fence. But most of the time, you just go use the default fence that is installed in your saw.

Once the default fence is already whacked, then you have no choice but to replace it with an upgrade. The first consideration that you have to take is that your replacement can be aligned 100% parallel to the saw blade once you lock it in place. Moreover, you should also consider that this alignment should be repeatable and adjustable. This should include the cleanliness and accuracy of your cuts. Your own safety also relies on the alignment of the fence to the saw blade.

Another consideration that you should take is the adjustability of your saw fence. Specifically, a saw fence should allow you to position your workpiece at the ideal distance from the saw blade. Along with this, you should have a scale or a readout that is easy to read. Furthermore, the scale should be easily calibrated to the “zero” of the saw blade. When choosing a table saw fence, it should have a lengthy scale so that you can accommodate a variety of work.

Other Considerations

It is highly necessary that your table saw fence can perform accurately. In this regards, we are referring to the unit of measurements that are embedded in the fence. The smaller the units it has, the more it allows you to make micro adjustments, which is necessary to meticulous projects.

Moreover, choose a table saw fence that can complement your daily productivity. Always consider the amount of your working load. How many woods are you cutting per day? 10? 100? Take this seriously into account because it can determine what table saw fence you really need. If you usually a hundred of parts per day, then you should choose an automatic fence. This will give you the freedom to work continuously, without worrying about resetting the calibration from time to time again.

An automated fence also enables you to work in decimals or fractions. You can switch measurements back and forth without doing too much calculation. No woodworker would waste his/ her time looking into a conversion chart, right?

The same thing is applicable to the cutting list capacity. If you are cutting pieces of wood with the same dimensions consistently, then there are table saw fences that can complement such project.

Furthermore, you should also consider the durability of your fence. We don’t want to make discriminate, but you should pick a well-made fence and not those that are manufactured straight from China. The latter are notorious for being brittle and wiggly. They usually break especially if you are doing arduous projects. Therefore, you should choose a table saw fence that can withstand the wear and tear process.

Kinds Of Table Saw Fences

There are plenty of choices when it comes to table saw fences. However, there are two major types of fences that are produced on the market today. They are the T-Square fence and the default fence of your table saw.

The T-square fence has a three-point locking system that enables it to preserve the squareness of your cuts. This type of fence has a square shape which allows you to attach fixtures and jigs easily. Moreover, this model of table saw fence has a replaceable surface on both of its sides. Manufacturers like Delta, Powermatic, and Vega are among the top producers of this kind of fence.

The second type of fence is those that you can see on your sliding table saws. This fence is typically user-friendly. It can slide forward and backwards, which allows the miter gauge to make precise cuts on the right side of the blade while not experiencing in kickbacks. Furthermore, such cutting accessory can stay flat, which is highly necessary when you are cutting thin workpieces.

Tips On Buying A Table Saw Fence

A table saw fence is a crucial accessory for table saws. Therefore, having a good model will benefit your work greatly. But what if you got a defective unit? Will you be able to replace it quickly? Before you buy any fence, you should take a look first at its warranty. This will save your money from being dwindled down on the basin. You should consider your table saw fence as an investment. The product that you will buy should be accompanied with warranty. With this, you can be confident that you can get replacements or repairs once your unit unintentionally breaks.

Moreover, you should choose a fence that can fit with your table saw. You have to measure the current fence of your saw so that you can find a replica of it on the market. This is crucial, especially in making sharp and accurate cuts.


Knowing what the best table is saw fence is essential for any woodworkers. After all, this cutting accessory in not designed to last. Therefore, having a reliable replacement for them is essential so that your projects in the workshop won’t be hampered!

We know that there are a lot of table saw fences that you can choose. However, we are recommending that you should try our recommended products first. They have been tested by many woodworkers on different applications and projects. Their durability and precision are assessed as well. Honestly, these are not the fences that we tested. But we only included these three brands of table saw fences because they performed excellently on different occasions. The fact that they are here is proof how superb their performance are.

Moreover, we are also hoping that this table saw fence review have helped you. We don’t want you to get a low-quality fence that would just annoy you. With our buying guide, we are expecting that you can get the best table saw fence for you! If you haven’t gotten yourself a table saw yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered in our popular reviews of the best table saws.

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